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Andrew Dutton

Activities Coordinator
Syd Roselada
Activities Assistant



After-school Activity Schedule

Elementary School:

April 15 - May 31

2:15 PM -3:15 PM

Middle and High School:

April 15 - May 31

3:15 PM-4:15 PM

For the Home Language Classes, please directly email the teachers. More information may be found here.


Block 4 Sign Ups         

Elementary School 

Opens: April 5, Friday 12:00pm
Closes: April 8, Monday 7:00am

Middle & High School 

Opens:  April 5, Friday 12:00pm
Closes: April 8, Monday 7:00am

(ISM Single sign-on parent email required for ES Sign-ups) 

For MS/HS Sign-up:
click HERE.

Sign ups currently closed.

Scholastico Session - ES.mp4

Scholastico Sign up for ES Activities

IMPORTANT: You may go back and change your sign up before the signup closes on February 12th but please note, the most recent sign up will be honored in case of multiple ones. Signups are NOT 'time-stamped' so please ensure you take time in activities selection and putting accurate information needed in your sign-ups.
MS and HS students may signup by themselves, but should discuss it with parents
to avoid signing up twice. 
For ES, only parents are allowed to sign up for the student.

April 12th.
Activities Calendar 2324.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time will the Activities take place each afternoon? 

ES Activities (Grade 1-4 only) will run from 2:15-3:15pm

MS/HS Activities will be 3:15-4:15pm

There will be NO activities during PTCs / SLCs / 12pm-release days. Students who are not present at school during the school day may not attend an Activity on the same day.

Are the A/B/C/D/E groups different in terms of skill or experience?

Unless otherwise specified, activities with A, B, C, D or E only differentiate the days they run.

Is there a fee to join an activity?

Only those Activities that involve the use of highly consumable items will incur a charge. This charge is a flat 500 PHP per Block for a once-a-week Activity, and a 1000 PHP charge for a twice-a-week Activity. Reasons for an Activity incurring a charge might be:

If a student joins an Activity that incurs a charge, they will be charged the full amount regardless at which point in a Block they join.  

Is it possible to get a refund for Activities which incur a charge? 

Will each Activity session be a repeat of previous sessions?

Activity coaches will tailor the content of their sessions depending on the needs of each particular group. Factors at play here will include the experience level of participants, the resources and space available and whether or not the participant has partaken in previous sessions of the same Activity. 

*Some will be a repeat of previous block. Please refer to the document of the list of offerings to know these activities.

How do signups and activities confirmations work?

There are instances where we have more students sign up for an Activity than we have spaces available. In the past we have used a 'timestamp' system, whereby students who signed up first were given priority placement. Moving forward, this system will be replaced by a 'lottery'. All students who sign up for an oversubscribed Activity will be placed into a pool, and slots in the Activity will be randomly assigned. Students who are not placed in their desired Activity will be given priority placement should they sign for the same Activity in the subsequent Block.